About Pelechecoco and the vision for sustainable fashion

Pelechecoco was founded in 2010 by Denim legend/pioneer  Dan Vaarskov. 

Dan was one of the 6 original pillars behind the International success Diesel. 

After years in the business Dan’s love of vintage and fascination with timeless design finally took him from Distribution to development and in the summer of 2010 Dan created the foundation of Pelechecoco with his tight-knit family who all believed that it was possible to create a brand that was 100% sustainable with a design focus centered around music and a premise of doing better by polluting less.

The clothing industry is today an over 3 trillion dollar industry globally and the second most polluting Industry in the world so we have set out to make a change.

All leather jackets are made from post-consumer waste, turning otherwise discarded clothing into new beautiful looking pieces with a vintage soul and a One of a kind patina. This not only gives the jackets a soft worn-in feel but also makes it a far more sustainable alternative to the average newly produced leather jacket.

Pelechecoco is not about reinventing fashion, rather about reinventing the way we think about fashion, educating the consumer on the resources we can reuse rebooting iconic styles, updating them slightly to fit with the times, we want to move in a greener direction. Our collection is updated bi-annually and includes a large portion of iconic carry-on styles, all in line with our commitment to slow fashion.


Upcycle, Rework, Recycle, Reuse

“Yes it has many names, don’t worry we’re here to help”


Source it

Because we wanted to lower the fashion industries pollution problem we started sourcing vintage materials such as leather, denim and old army. Handpicking the most beautiful pieces, taking extra care to chose those with a more distinguished patina


Rework it

Then the reworking process starts, once the pieces have been found and carefully matched we cut up the vintage pieces and reshape them into new patterns that turn into a completely new style ex. a Biker Jacket, you can trace this journey in all of our leather clothes beautiful patchwork etc. This is a testament to more pieces joining forces to become the perfect Reworked piece.


Finish it

Once the reworking process is over, we check that the pieces are well made and clean them all up for you, pack them and then they’re off to their new owners.