The Perfect Biker

Our Leather collection centres around probably the most Iconic Leather Jacket in History, The Biker Jacket! Favoured by Icons such as James Dean, Marlon Brando, Sid Vicious, The Ramones, Michael Jackson, Pharrell Williams & many more, this is why we have so many different variations.

Through time the Biker jacket has taken on so many different new design features and gone through so many phases from Rockabilly to Punk, Teddy Boys to 90s babe, and in our gallery you can see how we have chosen to interpret those throwback features into our updated designs.

Pelechecoco X A New Kind of Love

If you've been paying attention on Instagram you might have seen our little teasers about a collaboration with the great Influencer/Blogger Anthony Bogdan and his blog "A New Kind Of Love", and we can finally reveal exactly what it is we've been working on.

In the name of Love and in the spirit of being One Of A Kind Anthony has designed his perfect biker jacket for Pelechecoco in a soft black leather for us. 

How it's Done

It is simple really, we source vintage leather from all around the world chop the vintage pieces up and carefully match the leather to create a new silhouette, ensuring you a completely unique leather jacket.

The cast away pieces may have lost their glory, gone out of style or simply been forgotten about and discarded but we believe in carrying on their story and revamping them into beautiful pieces ready for a new life filled with new memories.

Continue the story

From battlefields all over the world to deadstock and surplus army outlets we source our 2nd hand Army fabrics. These sturdy fabrics made to stand against the strongest winds and heaviest rains are perfect for reworking, allowing us to  make good use of otherwise discarded materials.

Seeing the difference in the camouflage when pieced together like an intricate puzzle breathes life into an otherwise overlooked style.

We pride ourselves on delivering the best and most thought through pieces merging functionality & style with Sustainability.