Reuse and be one of a kind

With Pelechecoco you are completely unique with every recycled product, it is so important to us that you feel special and proud of your Pelechecoco piece which is why we handpick every single leather jacket, coat etc. to guarantee you the highest quality not only in the leathers usability but also it‘s unique look. Personal style is a way of showing off your personality without using words, it is a platform where you can play around with different trends and styles and just a wonderful way of being creative and true to yourself. You could say that purchasing Pelechecoco is like buying a vintage jacket of the peg, you are completely unique in the style that you choose and what is better than that? Others can copy you, but never really get what you have. We have chosen to create a brand where every single person who buys from us can feel special and happy in the knowledge that their item is one of a kind, by breathing new life into these reused materials we have created something not only singular to the buyer but individual in its mere existence, it truly is an artform. Prolonging these materials life, knowing that they have been treasured and loved before and NOW they have had a little facelift and can be loved again. Buying Pelechecoco is like a second skin, it is unique, it is good for the environment, it is YOU!

Reworked & Sustainable

We don‘t believe you should have to limit yourself to be sustainable, there are so many precious pieces of clothing thrown away every year and it is not only a shame to waste all of these, but also very bad for the environment, we should look after the things we have and reuse as many of our resources as possible. Going green/sustainable enables you to always stand out, no two pieces are ever the same and that uniqueness is given to us for free just by joining the movement and choosing to reuse these castaway goods, making the Pelechecoco pieces always one of a kind just like you are! Just think you could be the coolest person in the room and the most sustainably fashion conscious, thinking and caring about the future is so important so join us. The fashion industry is the third most polluting industry in the world, utilize this knowledge and take a stand. Being one of the first just shows you have the capacity to translate vision into reality. To make this simple, to produce a new leather jacket, from the beginning - (from the animal's birth to end result), 7,996 gallons of water (30.268 Liters) is used in the process. A minimum of ten different chemicals are added to smooth the skins. And as far as animals - we don’t even dare to count. Pelechecoco uses 26 gallons (100 kg) of water in the production of a 100 jackets. We don’t use any chemicals at all. The animals, - none is killed in our process. To make the choice to look after our planet really should just be common sense, help us take care of our future.

Create memories - Don’t compromise on your life

At Pelechecoco we believe that style should be available to everyone, and while some people chose to break their bank account trying to achieve a certain style we want to offer a different option: great quality, great look and feel at a reasonable price. Your wardrobe shouldn’t be where all your money is spent, your experiences should! Memories last a lifetime, that is what they say right? We couldn‘t agree more, spend your time and your money investing in experiences that leads to memories and let us dress you for the occasion! Style shouldn‘t bankrupt you. Choose well and let the garments you wear be part of your memory. Let your style reflect who you are and who you want to become, we all know the right outfit can inspire you to dare to be different, to be wild to create that special moment in time that turns into the best story and the greatest memory. It is important to us to present you with an option to stand out and be unique, to help you show others what set‘s you apart, we are all unique in our own way, and style is individual, it is very personal and shows your uniqueness. We think everyone is stylish in their own way, we just want to help dress up your uniqueness. Don‘t break the Bank, wear Pelechecoco.

Rethink & be a visionary

We have already taken the necessary first steps and we think you should definitely join us. Choose wisely, be sustainable and help us kick pollutions dirty ass. Together we can make a difference, the more voices the bigger the impact, and isn‘t that exactly what we need? To make it count? With your look and your choices? Make the right one and take a stand with us. We are dressing the world sustainably one jacket at a time and are creating a peaceful army of fashion and fabric conscious ambassadors.It is important to stand for something and standing up for using our resources wisely maximises our Planet‘s life span, and that is cool. We have a world full of materials ready to be recycled, and given a new life – without using any additional resources and further pollute our world. Our goal is to be a visionary in our field, to focus on the thought that every bag and jacket is paving the way towards a better future. Don‘t fall behind, join the movement - TAKE THAT STAND!