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P E L E C H E C O C O Collaboration with Vicious Collective

P E L E C H E C O C O Collaboration with Vicious Collective

Posted: 12.02.2016 by Sophie Schandorff

What made you approach The Vicious Collective as your first collaborative partner? Sophie- Conrad is always prancing around in a vintage leather jacket he has painted on the back and Nuha had this wonderful old punk jacket called Mr. Baby where she had roughly stitched it up and had metal bits hanging from it like a chain or something and both jacket‘s just represent them as individuals so well, there is no mistaking who‘s jackets they are and I thought what if we could bring that feeling of individualism and personality into a selection of jacket‘s, all gender neutral and unisex sizes. Would‘t that be something? What made you as artists choose to do a collaboration with Pelechecoco? Nuha - Sophie the head designer at Pelechecoco has been a friend of mine and Conrad's for many years now. Her and I have previously collaborated on projects and she has always been supportive of my career as an artist and musician. After seeing Conrad's London solo exhibition INTO THE FOREST in June 2015 Sophie approached Conrad and I to collaborate on a series of custom leather jackets to be the first in a series of artist collaborations she is conducting around the world for Pelechecoco.  Conrad - Me and Nuha have always loved customising our jackets, slowly building them up like a second skin, with paint, badges, pins and scars. A leather jacket is for life and should reflect your story like the deep lines and gold teeth of a pirates face. What I like about PCCs approach to making jackets out of recycled leather is that the jackets have already had a life and have been given a 2nd chance to live and see the world. Our paint work and patches on the jackets are just the start, the opening for you to continue building upon as you travel through life. What are your thoughts behind launching a Artist Collaboration? Sophie - I wanted to create something where the consumer could feel like they walked away with something as special and unique as themselves. Art is so personal and can say so much, mean so much leave you with something unexplainable, so my initial idea was for the new owners to walk around in silence while still saying so much wearing art as their voice. Are there any specific thoughts behind your artworks, a theme or a concept?
 Conrad - The artwork and designs belong to the Vicious Collective. We wanted the jackets to feel like the uniform of an artist army.We laid down the foundation set of images and then as every jacket needed to be different  started building upon these themes with simple, bold and colourful designs - collaging different influences from the Chukchi map of heaven, De Stijl and BDSM into a uniform style and vision to create the collection.  What kind of person will buy these jackets? Sophie - I hope anyone from London Punks to Tokyo Harajuku girls, maybe a exhibitionist fashion blogger will find it thrilling to wear something that cannot be copied and obtained by all, I hope that if nothing else it will encourage more people to go home and construct their own One Of A Kind item of clothing. DIY fashion is and have always been where it‘s at in my opinion, so yeah I hope it will inspire, provoke and enlighten a few trouble makers out there! What makes this collaboration special?
 Conrad - Collaboration between artists can be a very fertile ground for experimentation and creation. Being an artist can be a very solitary path so to have the chance to work on a project with other people can be a very welcome break from your more introspective paths of working.  Nuha - Habit is the death of art, so having an interesting challenge like this collaboration can take you out of your normal comfort zone and practise to get you approaching your work with a freshness which will hopefully feed back into the main body of your practise. It's good to keep things fresh.